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New UOG Business Centre updates

The building site in Galson as it looked in February 2021.

Significant progress has been made with the replacement building at Tom na Ba after a lengthy delay. Designs had advanced to tender stage in early 2020 and prices were submitted by local contractors. However, with the construction sector booming at that time, it was not possible to finalise a contract.

Following the lockdown, the project was re-tendered and much lower prices were received as workloads had reduced. From this exercise, CalMax Construction emerged as the most competitive and were duly awarded the contract in November 2020. Works commenced in December 2020 and are due to be completed in the early autumn of 2021.

Initial siteworks are well advanced. The timber kit arrived in mid-February, and from this date onwards, more noticeable progress will be evident. It is hoped that the process will proceed relatively smoothly, although there are concerns over availability of materials due to the ongoing COVID challenges and supply-chain constraints arising out of Brexit. Meantime, UOG continues to rent accommodation at Comunn Eachdraidh Nis, although staff remain home-based until restrictions are lifted.


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