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Am fearann & an àrainneachd

The north Lewis area’s way of life is about the intricate interaction between a crofting lifestyle, a panoramic landscape and a diverse natural environment. The area boasts fantastic coastal scenery and white sands; large Special Areas of Conservation and Special Protection Areas; a variety of flora and fauna including golden eagles, fulmars and gannets; excellent sea and fresh water fishing; and, most importantly, a kindly, ‘down-to-earth’ community that works together to bring about a better future for themselves and future generations.

The estate is dedicated to the sustainability and management of the land, not only with wildlife in mind, but of the people within our communities also.  We want to open up the wonderful moorland of the estate and share this with the wider community and visitors alike. 


The Urras was fortunate to have a ranger service from November 2005 until 2011 until funding ran out. The post had latterly been supported with funding from Scottish Natural Heritage and The Robertson Trust.  The Urras is still very much committed to the objectives of such a service and it is hoped we will secure funding in the future for a land-based post.


Our objectives are to:

    - ensure a welcome for visitors to the countryside
   - mediate between public use and other rural land uses
   - promote awareness and understanding of the countryside
   - care for and enhance the natural heritage enjoyed by visitors


In recent years, we have carried out a number of small projects aimed at improving interpretation.  An interpretation panel has been installed at the Butt of Lewis and others are planned for around the estate.

SPORTING ON THE GALSON ESTATE / Spòrs air Oighreachd Ghabhsainn

Callicvol Gun Club currently hold the lease for the north part of the estate and a second leaseholder is in place on the south end of the estate. A day permits area has been established for those wishing to go out onto the moor on a day ticket basis. 

We can offer permits to those wishing to go out for the day, but we will need at least 3 days’ notice and permission must be granted at the estate office and this will only be granted upon all appropriate documentation being in place. 

Please click on the link below for our shooting information pack, and contact the office for permission forms. Please note that you must have received permission from the Urras office prior to going out on the estate, every time you wish to go out. This helps to ensure the safety of everyone out on the moor. For costs and details, please get in touch.

Other sporting activities can be arranged to take place on the estate, including photo stalking, clay pigeon shooting and fishing. If you wish to find out more about these other activities, please speak to a member of staff who will be pleased to advise you.

Please note that day permits are granted at the discretion of the Trust.

Big Stag Skigersta, Ali Finlayson
hare skigersta moorland, Ali Finlayson
stags skigersta moor, Ali Finlayson
Winter Stag (Skigersta), Roddy Macdonald
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