Events in Winter

Tachartasan Geamhraidh

Events are free unless stated otherwise.

Certain events have limited spaces and require advanced booking.

For more info or to book:

tel: 01851 850393

email:  office@uogltd.com

2020 UOG AGM

Details in the poster. To attend AGM one must be a member (link to membership below). Guest Speaker open to all. 

Health Walks

Health Walks are back! Thig cuairt còmhla rinn!

Join us for a short, safe and sociable walk within the Galson Estate.


Thig còmhla rinn airson cuairt ghoirid, shàbhailte agus shòisealta tro Oighreachd Ghabhsainn.


Mondays | 10am | Diluain   -   Ness | Nis


Fridays | 10am | Dihaoine   -   Barvas to galson | Barabhas - Gabhsann


Fridays |11.30am| Dihaoine (Injury/surgery recovery group Buidheann cuideachaidh)  - Borve|Borgh


Starting 17th August A' tòiseachadh 17mh den lùnastal


Gentle exercise in a social setting. Child and buggy friendly and suitable for all ages and abilities. Please wear weather appropriate clothing and comfortable footwear.

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