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Conaltradh coimhearsnachd

The Urras strives to involve the whole community in its decision-making process through ongoing consultations and communication. The overarching vision is to build a sustainable future for the communities of the Galson Estate.

The development of a Community Renewable Energy Project coupled with income from commercial developments provides the Urras with an income stream. This income will enable the Urras to give back to the community. We try and engage with the community in as many ways as possible, most recently through our strategic plan. Find out more about it below, and other ways we engage with the community.  

Strategic Plan


Plana Ro-innleachdail

In 2016 the first strategic plan was launched shaping the vision for the next 20 years.  2022 was dedicated to a series of community consultations to ensure the plan remains relevant and takes into account the rapidly changing circumstances the past six years have seen.


This consultation process involved a series of group discussions with cross-sections of the community and with a range of interest groups. The findings from these events were fed into a household survey which was made available to all homes on the Estate. In addition, a sample of households across the Estate, covering a mix of ages and location, were interviewed in person to gain a more detailed insight into their survey responses. 


The updated plan is available for download as a working document and we greatly appreciate any feedback you may have that will build on this for the future development of our community.

YOUTH ENGAGEMENT / Ag obair le òigridh

2023-04-07 14.04.48.jpg

The Urras understands the importance of young people in the community and strives to involve and support those living on the estate. The Urras regularly meets with school / youth groups, either visiting the office or turbine site or us going out to the schools themselves, to involve and inform young people about our work within the community. This helps young people gain an understanding of land ownership and gives us an insight into what young people in our community want. 


Plòigh and Plòigh Mhòr

The summer of 2016 saw the start of family outdoor sessions, involving bushcraft, river dipping and rockpooling to name a few, giving young people and their parents / guardians the opportunity to engage in new activities and discover the natural environment on their doorstep. This was a great success. 


We are now delighted to provide a programme of activities each year during school holidays, in partnership with local organisations on the island. 'Plòigh' usually offers a programme of activities for

4-8 year olds on the Estate, whilst 'Plòigh Mhòr' offers activities for those aged between 8 and 12.


To see more about 'Plòigh' and 'Plòigh Mhòr', visit our dedicated webpage:

plòigh highlights


SUNND Slàinte agus Sunnd

sunnd (Scottish Gaelic: 1. Joy, cheerfulness, hilarity 2. Sprightliness 3. Health, fitness)

The ‘Sunnd’ Health and Wellbeing programme is an initiative led by Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn (UOG) which aims to facilitate opportunities for the community to support all to have a high quality of life by remaining active, healthy, safe, and included. 


The initiative begun in the spring of 2018 as a pilot scheme for individuals over the age of 60 in partnership with the local ‘Young at Heart’ club.  It has since opened up to all members of the community, partnering with a range of different organisations/individuals such as the NHS, Fire Service, ‘Empower’, and ‘Stress Monkey Solutions’ to name a few.  The initiative is currently partially funded by UOG, predominantly for Galson Estate residents. 


'Sunnd' Programme - Aims and Objectives


Active Living

Living an active lifestyle doesn’t have to mean running marathons (although that’s great too!).  Physical activity contributes to the ease of doing everyday activities and is extremely important for better movement, enhances fitness, injury prevention and promotes functional health.


Healthy Eating

Eating a healthy, balanced diet plays an essential role in overall good health.  In order to feel good it’s important to eat a wide variety of foods in the right proportions to achieve and maintain a healthy body.


Safe at Home

Staying safe at home is key to remaining independent.  Small measures can be taken to improve home safety and help prevent trips and falls as well as other serious accidents, including house fires. 


Self Caring

It’s important to take good care of yourself to try and reduce pains and discomfort.  Self-care can mean various things to different people, but can include things such as good footcare, and improved physical and mental health. 


Safe in the Community

It is important to feel safe in your community and online.  It is essential to have the knowledge of potential online and doorstep crimes and be aware of the key prevention advice. 

sunnd highlights

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