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Community Investment Fund - Lifesaving funds awarded to Lucky2BHere

Lucky2BHere, a charity which provides defibrillators and emergency life support training throughout Scotland, was recently awarded a Community Investment Fund grant of £11,688.80, for a new defibrillator at Fivepenny pitch and cabinet upgrades in the local area.

Lucky2BHere was constituted in 2007 and was originally operational in Skye, providing defibrillators and emergency life support training in that area. They now have teams of Volunteer Trainers throughout Scotland. They work closely with the Ness & Shader Community First Responders, who are the dedicated volunteer team that operate across the Galson Estate and are made up of local paramedics, nurses, first responders and coastguard service.

Ness FC highlighted the desire for a defibrillator to be in situ at the Fivepenny pitch following an incident at a game on the mainland where life support was enabled, without delay, due to having a defibrillator on site. Emphasis has been made on how critical and invaluable time is when defibrillators are used, especially in remote or rural locations, and research shows that out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival rates are linked to bystander CPR and early defibrillation.

If you would like to find out more about CIF and whether your project is eligible for funding, please email or check here.


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