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Young People are Great!

At the beginning of June, we took part in the Young People Are Great campaign alongside Developing the Young Workforce Outer Hebrides, celebrating the young people who work with us.

Let us introduce you to the brilliant young peolple who are a part of our workfoce here at the Urras.

Catherine Thomson, Community Development Apprentice

Catherine joined UOG during the summer of 2022 on a summer placement. Catherine chose to stay on to become the first Apprentice at the trust. Catherine is a valued member of the team who actively provides support in the growth and delivery of several community development projects.

Sandy Morrison, Summer Placement

At the beginning of June, Sandy joined the UOG team on a summer placement while he is home from university. Sandy is currently studying Film and Media at the University of Stirling, embarking on the fourth and final year of his studies after the Summer. While Sandy is with the Trust over the summer, he hopes to gain an insight into the many functions of the trust, engage in the estate community and create a catalogue of local images and films that will be used to showcase the North of Lewis. Sandy has settled in well at the trust already and is looking forward to the opportunities this summer will bring.

Comment from UOG Executive Manager, Jemma MacVicar, At UOG we recognise the value young people give to our workforce with their fresh perspectives and skills which have proved invaluable. We are immensely proud of the young people who are currently working with us as well as those that have gone before them and are now well on the way down their chosen path. We are always on the lookout for young people looking to further their career opportunities through placements, apprenticeships, work experience and volunteering opportunities and aim to tailor their experience around their own ambitions to benefit both the estate and their future careers.'

Photographed: Catherine and Sandy, #YPAG23


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