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Calendar Competition 2025

We're excited to launch our 2025 Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn calendar and are looking forward to receiving your entries!

Credit Roddy John Macdonald
Phillipa Hare, fire, Late Summer Nights at Eoropie Beach.jpeg

About the 2025 competition

Credit Philippa Hare

The theme of our 2025 calendar competition is ‘Galson’s Heritage’

This is open to the interpretation of the photographer, but entries should feature Galson at the heart: photos could depict Galson’s history and genealogy, music & dance, traditional skills, food and drink, or Gaelic language - it is up to you!

How to enter

Photographs are to be submitted via WeTransfer - a free file sharing site.  Please ensure you read the entry details and terms & conditions below before submitting as these may have changed if you have previously entered. This year there is a new entry form which must be completed and submitted along with your photographs.


Directions on how to enter: 

  • Complete the entry form (please note that without the entry form, submissions can not be accepted)

  • Add files at WeTransfer (include your photographs and the entry form)

  • Email to

  • Enter your email

  • Title: UOG Calendar 2025

  • Message: Enter 'Please find attached my entries for the competition along with my entry form. *Your name*'

  • Click 'Transfer' and do not close the window until files have been sent successfully

  • Before uploading your files to WeTransfer, please title each image using the caption and the photographer’s name. If submitting more than one image, please ensure you include a list of all images in your message. All photos must be in landscape orientation.


If you are unable to use WeTransfer please email photographs to, along with the information detailed above. If submitting more than one image, you may have to send multiple emails, depending on the size of the images.


If you are unable to use email, please visit the UOG office and we can transfer your pictures from a USB to our systems.


A member of staff will be in touch to confirm your entry has been received.

Deadline for submissions is Monday 23rd August 2024.

If you have any questions, or have problems submitting your entries, please contact

Competition rules

  • Entry to the competition is free. 

  • Entrants do not have to be residents of the Galson Estate to enter, however the pictures must be taken within the Galson Estate.

  • The competition is open to amateur photographers of all ages and, because we would like to see something original, entries must not have won other regional, national or international competitions. 

  • Each entrant can send in up to three photos, which must be taken within Galson Estate: this includes much of North Lewis, from Upper Barvas to the Butt of Lewis. 

  • Images must be in landscape format.

  • We can only accept photos in JPEG format and only up to a maximum size of 10MB (a minimum size of 5MB is preferred). Please keep copies of your original files if they are bigger than this, as we may need them later on if you are successful.

  • The theme ‘Galson’s Heritage’ is open to the interpretation of the photographer, but entries should feature Galson at the heart. If any people are included in the photograph, please ensure you have consent from them before submitting. Photos could depict Galson’s history and genealogy, music & dance, traditional skills, food and drink, or Gaelic language; this list is by no means exhaustive.

  • There are two categories; Adult Category (18 years and over), and Junior Category (17 years and under - entrants must have permission from a parent or guardian). Please specify which category you are entering, and if entering the Junior category, please include the photographer's age.

Terms & Conditions


Consent & Copyright


  • The entrant must be the sole author and owner of the copyright. By entering your photograph into the competition, you grant to Urras Oighreachd  Ghabhsainn (UOG) the non-commercial non-exclusive right to use your images for promotion of the online photo competition and for future promotion of UOG in any media.

  • UOG hold the rights to use these submitted photographs in their marketing, websites and social media. The photographer will be credited.

  • Entrants must not infringe on the privacy rights, copyright or other rights of any person. 


Digital Criteria 


If possible, submissions must:

  • Images should be at least 5mb, approximately sized 12x8" 

  • Landscape orientation 

  • A minimum 1024 px longest side, at least 150 dpi/ppi, ideally 300dpi/ppi

  • Photos must be saved as JPEG, no less than compression 7 (medium)

  • Do not add your name to the picture (i.e. in the frame or in the picture itself) or in the caption of the image. These images will not be eligible.

  • Include the photo caption and your name in the name of each file

  • Screenshots will also not be accepted, original digital photographs only to allow for best possible reproduction. 

  • Photographs must not be digitally manipulated. 



  • The winning photographs are chosen anonymously, in-house.  

  • The judge’s decision is final and prizes cannot be exchanged.




  • 13 photographs will be chosen for the calendar; one picture per month and one for the front cover. 

  • Two overall winners will be selected, an adult entry and a junior entry. The two winners will receive a prize of a £50 voucher for Malcolm Macleod Photography as well as having their photos shared on social media to launch the sale of the calendar. 

  • Each photo will be credited and printed as a different month of the year for the calendar, which will be produced for sale. All proceeds will be for UOG, as a charitable organisation.


Important Note


  • Where necessary relevant permits to comply with national or international legislation (e.g. in the case of protected species) must accompany photographs. For example, it is illegal to photograph some British birds at the nest.


Our Rights


  • Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn (UOG) reserves the right to exclude entrants and withhold prizes for violating any of these terms and conditions. Should the quality of entries fall below the standard required we reserve the right not to award prizes. UOG reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions. 




  • Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn (UOG) is not responsible for failure of receipt, loss or damage of any photographs entered in the competition. Entrants indemnify UOG and their sponsors of any responsibility in respect to damage and loss to entrant’s belongings; death or injury as a result of the competition.

2024 winners

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