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Tribute: Colin Maclean

Colin (Cailean) Maclean. Picture by Fiona Rennie.

Our Chairperson, Agnes Rennie's, tribute to Colin Maclean:

We learnt yesterday with great sadness that Colin Maclean, one of our trustees, had passed away after a long illness. Colin was elected onto Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn in 2005 and remained on the Board since then, bringing with him experience of running his own business, a passion for crofting, and a great enthusiasm for new ideas. He could see the benefits that could come from the Urras having its own revenue stream and took enormous pleasure from seeing the many projects supported through the Community Investment Fund. Being Colin, we were never able to put enough towards crofting and he never lost his belief that crofting could be modernised and contribute to the economy of the area. It was a great delight to everyone that Colin had recovered well enough to attend the Board meeting held last November in the new Business Centre in Galson. Unfortunately ill health and lockdown meant that we were not able to repeat this and despite his interest in all things technical, Colin resolutely avoided Zoom meetings. The Board and staff at the Urras extend our condolences to Colin’s wife Ishbal and their family; Christine, Norman, Angus and Calum and their families. Bidh sinn gad ionndrain a charaid chòir.


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