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Sunnd 2022 - Summary 🧘‍♀️

Sunnd 2022 is now finished. Mòran taing airson gabhail pàirt ann an Sunnd.

Sunnd, our winter health and wellbeing programme, ran between the months of January - April. The programme consisted of a range of different activities, including 6-week blocks of exercise-based sessions such as Line Dancing with Dave Phillips at Clan MacQuarrie Community Centre, 1-1 sessions with a Spòrsnis fitness instructor on how to use the gym equipment & create a fitness plan, moving those hips at Salsa classes with Louise at Stress Monkey Solutions held at Barvas & Brue Community Centre, and stretching and strengthening the body again with Louise as part of her Release Method classes at Spòrsnis.

Salsa-ing on down!

Throughout the 3 months a number of DIY screen printing sessions with artist Elaine Smith were held, where individuals made beautiful tote bags and prints, with a large number of repeat attendees being able to create detailed designs and further their skills.

Artist Elaine Smith (centre) with the Screen Printing workshop participants.

Creativity continued with a 6-week block of photography session with photographer Fiona Rennie, who helped a fully-booked class improve their skills with a camera. We also had some time to relax and switch off from it all for some guided relaxation sessions with Caroline Envill, and learnt some important skills with Murdo at Western Isles First Aid Training, firstly on a full-day course that enabled individual to gain a certificate in first aid, and latterly on administering first aid to toddlers and infants.

First aid course held at the UOG Business Centre.

Sunnd also visited the Comunn Eachdraidh Day Club and the Young at Heart with talks from the following organisations: Ability Net, Occupational Therapy, artist Elaine Smith, and the Fire Service. Thank you to these organisations/individuals for giving their time and providing informative, interesting, exciting and thought-provoking talks and sessions.

Occupational Therapy visit the Day Club at Comunn Eachdraidh Nis.

We are grateful to all participants and partners on another successful Sunnd 2022. We have received generally very positive feedback surrounding the sessions and will be closely considering suggested improvements gathered as part of our survey.

Thank you for being part of our Sunnd Health and Wellbeing Programme, we hope you enjoyed it.

Taing mhòr airson gabhail pàirt sa phrogram Sunnd agus Slainnte againn, tha sinn an dòchas gun do chòrd e ribh.

Tha sinn airson ur beachdan fhaighinn air Sunnd. We're seeking your views on Sunnd.

Want to learn more about Sunnd?

Visit: or give us a call on 01851 850 393.


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