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Children's activities to stay at £1 until after the summer holidays!

Subsidised Children’s activities

The subsidising of children’s activities to £1 was due to end on the 31st of March. The scheme has been reviewed and the response is overwhelming, in both the form of positive feedback and the increase in numbers attending. As a result UOG will continue to subsidise the cost of children’s activities, keeping them at £1. This scheme was intended to help reduce the costs faced by families. What hadn’t been anticipated was the significant increase in attendance at classes, benefiting both young people and generating income for community organisations. Since the subsidy began in December UOG has covered £6000 of the cost, which would have been passed on to parents without the scheme, this saving is making activities accessible to all, investing in the health, wellbeing and culture of our estate. This agreement with activity providers will be reviewed again after the summer holidays.


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