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Trèanadh / bùthan-obrach

We offer various training opportunities and workshops for a range of different groups.  Previous courses have included crofting skills workshops through the Scottish Crofting Federation, a range of business courses in partnership with Business Gateway and Orbit Agency, as well as youth/school workshops. 


Visit our events page for any upcoming training / workshop opportunities



If there are any specific courses/workshops you would be interested in attending / hosting please get in touch to see if we can help. 


YOUTH / SCHOOL WORKSHOPS & SESSIONS / Bùthan-obrach & seiseanan òigridh

The Urras has maintained a connection with the young people in the community through education from when we had our Ranger Programme in 2009.  Although the Ranger Programme is no longer running, we still organise workshops and sessions with young people and school groups. These workshops are varied and can include learning about community land ownership in fun and interactive ways, held either at the UOG office or at schools / groups, to outdoor sessions across the Estate including bushcraft, outdoor play and rock pooling.

Plòigh and Plòigh Mhòr

We are delighted to provide a programme of activities each year during school holidays, in partnership with local organisations on the island. 'Plòigh' usually offers a programme of activities for 5 -12 year olds on the Estate, whilst 'Plòigh Mhòr' offers activities for those aged between 12 and 18.


To see more about 'Plòigh' and 'Plòigh Mhòr', visit the dedicated webpage:


CROFTING COURSES & WORKSHOPS / Cùrsaichean & bùthan-obrach Croitearachd

In 2016 we started running a series of both practical and classroom based workshops with the Scottish Crofting Federation. We have hosted several of the classes and workshops in the UOG Business Centre and within the wider community of the Galson Estate. These have included workshops such as Drystone Walling and Introduction to Crofting.

To see dates of our upcoming workshops, please visit our events page.


BUSINESS COURSES / Cùrsaichean Gnìomhachais

2017 saw the beginning of business workshops in partnership with Business Gateway and Orbit Agency. Held in the UOG office these gave businesses and organisations the opportunity to learn additional business skills without having to leave the Estate.


If you have a specific course in mind you are interested in learning about, please contact us

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