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Summer Plòigh - A Big Thank You

Summer Plòigh and Plòigh Mhòr is over for another year! Throughout the fortnight, we immersed ourselves in a diverse range of activities that catered to every interest and passion. There were daily sports sessions as well as serene moments spent in the garden, we explored the wonders of nature and nurtured our green thumbs. Some young people were adventurous and spent a morning riding the waves while surfing and others enjoyed mountain biking on Barvas Machair. Many of our young people showed off their creativity, making unique jewellery masterpieces and decorating delicious cakes. And, of course, we couldn't miss out on a cozy movie afternoon which was filled with giggles and laughter. The activities ended with a Family Fun Day which involved an exciting scavenger hunt, some team games, and a bouncy castle!

Thank you to all the young people who took part and made it such a successful fortnight. We would like to extend a thank you to the partner organisations, individuals and volunteers that worked together to make this programme of activities possible.


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