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'Fèis na Fairge' closes on a high! See event recordings here

Late March saw the launch of Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn’s (UOG) new maritime heritage festival, ‘Fèis na Fairge’ (‘Festival of the Sea’).

Between 25th- 27th March, a series of events pertaining to the maritime heritage of the Galson Estate community got underway. These included a community beach clean-up, a sea-themed Bookbug session for toddlers and pre-school children, and a series of online illustrated talks and events. Artist and author Ian Stephen led a session on the craft of the Sgoth Niseach, diver and amateur archaeologist Chris Murray gave a talk on his finds in lochs across the Isle of Lewis, and a screening of the 1996 film ‘Ringers’ Glory’ was held, after which the film’s producer Angela Mackinnon joined the audience for a Q&A session. Attendees across the Estate and from throughout the United Kingdom came in on these free-to-join events, with many participants subsequently writing to the Trust to say that they had thoroughly enjoyed the 'Fèis’.

We are delighted so many of you enjoyed the events and would like to give thanks to all who participated. If you would like to give any feedback about 'Fèis na Fairge' or to offer ideas for the next festival, or please send us an email on with the subject line 'Fèis na Fairge'.

To see the recorded events from the 'Fèis', please click here.


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