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We have undertaken some work in the past week to support the development of the Rural Lewis Locality Plan in relation to health and social care.

The Integration Joint Board oversee the development of integrated service planning at a locality level and as such there is a need to develop a locality plan. This bottom-up approach should ensure services best meet the community. We held a meeting in the UOG business centre inviting the two community councils on the estate to come and consider some of the key priorities regarding health and social care, as identified in the OH Community Planning Partnership survey. Thanks to those who took the time out to come and take part in this session. The results of the discussion have been collated and will support the development of the plan for rural Lewis. For more information on the overarching integration process please visit

Courtney, our ScotGrad graduate placement, undertook a week-long training course in Cromarty last week as part of her 12 month placement. The ScotGrad programme continues to be a real asset to the Urras, as it supports recent graduates in their placement and provides them with opportunities to network with other graduates. We are pleased Courtney found this a positive experience and were glad to have her back with us!

More information on our events/projects can be found in this issue of Fios or visit, follow us on Facebook or call the office on 01851 850393 / email:

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