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A new year and a new theme! The “Year of Young People” 2018 is now here and we are working with partners to gather feedback to allow us to celebrate this special year how young people within our community wish to! A big thanks to Micheil at Spornis for his support and for helping us to get feedback from the young people he works with. Over the next month we will aim to build on this and take forward some of the great ideas put forward. In the meantime, please follow social media and get in touch if you have any ideas of things you would like to explore (@hebyoyp2018 #hebyoyp2018)

As part of the themed year we hope to offer “A Day in the Life of……”, which will allow young people to spend a day at the trust or within the community and work alongside different people. This will give them an insight into different areas of work. A date will be set and advertised soon.

Our graduate placement vacancy has now closed and we expect to be interviewing for the placement this month. We had an excellent response and look forward to soon welcoming a new team member to work on the Year of Young People.

More information on our events/projects can be found in this issue of Fios or visit, follow us on Facebook or call the office on 01851 850393 / email:

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