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Caomhnadh cumhachd & Ath-chuairteachadh

Energy Saving and recycling is highly important to the Trust and is a contributing factor to lowering our impact on the environment and saving carbon emission. 

The Trust believes in educating staff, people of the community and visitors on sustainability and making sure we are all looking after our land; communicating the message means that they can play a part in maintaining good environmental practices that have been put in place on the Estate. 

The wind turbines installed by the Trust has increased the awareness of people within the community regarding carbon reduction and energy efficiency and in turn also increased the involvement, as they are seeing further development within the community.

Fuel prices and fuel poverty have become a large issue within our island communities, making energy saving and recycling high on the list of priorities. The Trust strives to improve and reduce its exploitation of resources, plan ahead, re-use or recycle materials, be energy efficient and minimise waste.


The site is managed by the Urras on behalf of the local authority, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (CnES) and provides a valuable skip and recycling service in the community.

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Baile an Truiseil

Wind Energy


Three wind turbines have been erected in Ballantrushal on the estate for the production of renewable energy and to provide a sizeable income for the years to come.

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The Community LED by Energy Champions project was run by two Community Land Trusts, working in partnership to offer free support to residents of both Carloway Estate and Galson Estate on the Isle of Lewis.

Between April 2018 and March 2020, the Community LED team delivered a plethora of positive, energy-related results for residents of both the Galson and Carloway Estates, in the form of home visits, training days, informative events and workshops,

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