Habost household recycling centre

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The Habost Amenity site is managed by the Urras on behalf of the local authority, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (CnES) and provides a valuable skip and recycling service in the community. The site is licensed by SEPA for the collection of household waste only. Commercial waste is not allowed and neither are cars or similar objects.


CnES are liable for infill tax and steps are in process to reduce infill by improving separation of waste at the site. A separate skip is now in place for the collection of metals which can be sold, providing CNES with income as well as reducing the tax burden. We are waiting for CNES to provide a skip for the collection of refrigerators, toasters etc which will be collected and taken straight to a recycling centre in Perth.




We are often asked:-


Why is the site not open for longer hours?




Why aren't the gates left open so that people can dump their waste any time they want?



The money available from CnES for wages does not enable us to extend the opening times. Although from January 2013, we have extended our opening by one extra day, which means the site is now only shut on a Tuesday and a Sunday.


The SEPA licence insists that the site is properly managed and that it is not left open and unsupervised.


It should however be easy for people to manage disposal of their waste within the specified times as the opening times are posted on the signage at the site, and regularly advertised in Fios.


The operatives get frustrated as it is sometimes very difficult to maintain the site to the required standard set by SEPA when people continue to come to the site outside the specified opening hours and dump their rubbish at the gate or attempt to throw it into the skips over the fence. A lot misses the skip, causing extra work for the operatives. Please help keep our estate tidy and don't flytip waste.

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