Community Investment Programme

The Community Investment Programme has been established to invest funds from the renewables project income back into the community of the Galson Estate. The programme consists of not only funds, but also offers advice, guidance and aftercare to support the delivery and development of projects.


The £1k fund launched on 3rd October 2014 and a new £5k fund category was opened on 4th November 2016 at the Annual General Meeting of UOG. We have also launched the 10k fund as part of our 10 year anniversary celebrations in Jan 2017.

Who can Apply?

Organisations/groups can apply and they must meet the eligible criteria as detailed in the application guidance notes, which can be downloaded on the right hand side of this page.



How can an organisation apply?

To apply simply download the application form from the side of this page or contact the office who can post an application pack out. Application guidance is also available and we recommend you use this to complete your application to ensure you include relevant information.

What projects/activities will be considered?

Your application should detail clear outcomes from your project or activity. It should offer value for money and we will look for any information on costings. We will look for evidence of need for the project as well as a demonstration of how the project will benefit the communities of the estate. Above all, we want you to sell your project idea, so showcase your project and explain how you believe it delivers against the programme priorities (see the priorities to the right of this page).

Programme Priorities

The programme will aim to support projects/activities that can demonstrate they will deliver against the wider objectives of the charity.


These objectives aim to:


- Develop skills

- Improve health and wellbeing

- Relieve poverty

- Protect and conserve the environment

- Protect and promote heritage and culture

- Develop and revitalise growing industry sectors

- Support active community engagement



How much can an organisation apply for?

Two fund categories are currently available and groups can apply for up to £1,000 or their project may be more suitable for the larger £5,000 fund. If you are unclear about how to apply or what fund to apply to then you should contact the office to discuss your project idea.

How long will it take to assess an application?

Applications will be accepted throughout the year, but it should be noted that the yearly fund will be divided into four rounds. This will help to evenly distribute funding throughout the year, allowing a wide range of organisations to submit an application. We expect assessment of an application to take a maximum of four weeks, but if there is no funding available in that round, then the application could be carried into the next round of funding i.e. the next quarter.

How will the claims process work?

We listened to your feedback during the 2013 consultation and as a result, there is no claims process for the £1,000 or the £5,000 fund! Grants will be paid out in one lump sum and at the end of the project evidence should be provided of expenditure. A project completion form will be issued at this point.

how can i find out more?

You can download more information about the programme by clicking on the link buttons at the side of this page. If you want to discuss an idea then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Application forms and can be downloaded by clicking on the coloured fund links below.



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