Community Engagement

The Urras strives to involve the whole community in its decision making process through on-going consultations and communication. The overarching vision is to build a sustainable future for the communities of the Galson Estate.


The development of a Community Renewable Energy Project coupled with income from commercial developments should provide the Urras with new income streams. Income will be generated from payments for energy production through Feed in Tariffs (FiTs) or rental of land for access to coastal shore based wave development projects.


The Urras has spent most of 2016 working towards the creation of a Strategic Plan to allow for the effective distribution of monies from wind and wave energy projects. The Plan document is now available for download. Click here

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Youth Engagement

The Urras regularly welcomed groups of both primary and secondary school pupils from accross the island for site-visits to our turbines in Balantrushal, and recieve talks about the work done through Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn. These talks cover a variety of topics ranging from the basics of community land ownership, the everyday workings of a UOG Business Centre here in Galson, to our wind-energy project and turbines.  


Staff from UOG have also made school visits for both presentations, and to involve school childered in our commnity consultation process.

Nicolson visit

Community Account Management

December 2011 saw the welcome news that Highlands and Islands Enterprise, in partnership with LEADER, have committed further funding towards the Community Account Management ‘Growth at the Edge’ programme. The programme, which provides revenue funding for Local Development Officers in ‘fragile’ areas, has been confirmed until September 2013. There is a network of CAM Officers working throughout the Highlands and Islands.


Within the work plan from HIE was the creation of a development plan for the area of North Lewis. The document has incorporated research previously conducted by the Urras, community consultations, have your say days, developmental aspirations held by the Urras and demand within the area. The Local Development Plan can be viewed by clicking on the link below.


The document forms part of a baseline study being conducted for the Community Account Management programme, as an indicator for success. There are four elements that compile the baseline study; the Local Development Plan, Demographic Study, Community Audit and a postal Community Survey. These elements combined will act as a marker for measured development of the area in future studies.


Click to view the plan:

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Community Engagement


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Youth Engagement


Community Account Management